7/7 Normal      7/7
Heroic      4/7 Mythic            Highmaul
10/10 Normal    10/10 Heroic     2/10 Mythic     Blackrock Foundry

Aiming for mythic WoD.Semi-hardcore guild.Currently searching for more Ranged dps-Resto druid/pala healer to fill up our roster for this Expansion.

Raiding days wed/thurs/monday 19:00-23:00 server-time

About the guild.
The guild was formed on twisting nether around April 2014 and started out as a 10 man HC raiding guild.
We had a solid team going on in Soo for 2 month's and reached 11/14 hc after that the officer's and Gm continue'd and got 14/14 hc.We are re-opening again as aim to be a 20 man Mythic raiding guild in WoD.

GM: Paldinstyle-Kildontspeak  
Officer's: Pandarette

Are u interested in becoming a member? 
Click the link below to apply      Hope to see u soon!